4 Tips To Make Your Instagram Feed Authentic To You

May 26, 2021

Are you tired of your current Instagram feed and want to try something new? Here are a few helpful ways to style your Instagram feed to add the perfect combination of creativity and uniqueness! 

  1. Choose A Theme That Matches Your Style 

The best part about Instagram is the opportunity for uniqueness. When thinking of a theme, it’s important to choose a layout or color scheme that matches how you would like viewers to perceive you. When users are scrolling through their feed, and a post catches their eye, they will most likely click on the profile. A page’s theme is the first thing shown on a profile.

Examples of themes are moody, boho, pastel, tropical, colorful, black and white, etc. Your theme is your aesthetic. Show viewers your visual personality!

  1.  Keep Your Filter Consistent 

One of the most important elements of an Instagram feed is the filter you use to edit each post. The easiest way to start creating a theme of your liking is by choosing one filter and sticking to it. I recommend apps such as Vsco, Canva, Later, and A Color Story for editing pictures and offer multiple filters to choose from. 

When each picture is edited with the same filter, your feed automatically looks purposeful, like each photo is meant to be placed together. Regardless of what is actually in the image, your feed will look both professional and presentable to the public eye if all share a consistent filter.    

  1.  Check Your Photo’s Background

Even though you may not think so, the backgrounds of your photos are just as important as the photo itself. When the backgrounds of your photos have a lot going on, your feed becomes busy and a little all over the place. When choosing what to post and where to place it in your feed, make sure to keep it clean and keep the entirety of your feed in mind.

Backgrounds can be distracting and pull the viewers’ attention away from the actual image. For example, if you enjoy posting quotes on your Instagram, putting the words on a simple background that matches your theme rather than a busy one will guide the reader in appreciating the quote even more, making it the main focus.

  1.  Choose One Border and Stick To It

If you choose to add a border to the theme of your Instagram feed, that is completely fine! Many people choose to add borders to their photos because not only does it keep your feed organized, but it also adds a bit of uniqueness. 

Borders are perfect if your style consists of taking photos with lots of color and detail. A border can act as that little bit of space to break up your photos. However, if you decide to add a border, make sure you use the same border for all pictures. Different borders can cause your feed to look lopsided. Explore what works best for you!

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Instagram is not going away, and the chances to start over are limitless. This is YOUR Instagram! Make it authentic to YOU!

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