What You Need to Think About With Logo Design

March 30, 2021

Having a logo is a defining part of your business; it represents you and your brand. A good logo can pave the way for success and a bad logo can result in some bad business. My logo is special to me and I’m so glad I get to help you find the perfect logo for your brand!


Your logo will be with you for a long time, so you should make sure it encompasses the long-term visions and goals that you have. The images, colors, and ideas behind your logo should be able to withstand time and be understood and recognized in 10+ years. Don’t make your logo rely on current trends; chances are people will forget it was even popular.


Logos are the ultimate visual for your brand. It has to totally represent you and your business. It should align with your priorities and what you stand for, ex: don’t have a super complex design if you love simplicity or don’t have a neutral and plain logo if your brand is all about color and details.


Your logo also has everything to do with what your business does. Think to yourself, what are you selling? What is your product or service? Your logo has to relate somewhat to what you are selling/promoting so that people can understand what you are doing. Once you get an idea of your logo, show it to some family or friends. Ask them, does this fit with my products? What message does this send? What would you think I’m selling if you just saw this logo? 


In addition to representing you, it also has to be unique and recognizable. I probably wouldn’t use a shape that looks like the ‘Nike swoosh’ or any other super popular logo. Find something that you can tailor to your own interests and business plans so that you personalize it! It also should be easy to recognize so that people can say, ““Oh! That’s ____’s logo, they do/sell _____”. 


Make sure to consider convenience when you are choosing and designing a logo. It should be easy to put on business cards, documents, contracts, email signatures, etc. Although your business might be broad or do a lot of things, it also helps to not make your logo too big or complex so that potential clients won’t get confused or overwhelmed. 

Finally, have fun! Choosing a logo is a fundamental and super exciting part of the process so make sure to have fun and not get too stressed out, as long as it reflects you and your brand, I’m sure it’ll be perfect. 

I’d be happy to help you on your logo journey! Check me out on Instagram @jyamedia or go to https://www.jadeandersen.com/branding.


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