The Most Effective Ways to Attract Clients on Instagram

March 30, 2021

The topic of getting clients is always on business owner’s minds. It can definitely be hard to consistently find, and retain clients. However, I have prepared a guide to set you up for success when it comes to getting those clients. You may be thinking to yourself, what should I be doing? I’m going to get into it now…

1. Know Your Ideal Clients

When I first started my business, I wish someone told me this over and over again. I struggled for a few weeks with the fact that I wanted to serve everyone. Truth is – you can’t do that, and if you try, it’ll be hard to do. It may be daunting at first to have to specialize down, but let me tell you that doing that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my biz. I realized I didn’t love doing every marketing service, and only put it out there because I was worried I wouldn’t get clients for my expertise. Change that mindset if you have it. Own what you love, and do it. If you’re unsure who your ideal client is, take a step back and think. Who will my services help? Who do I want to serve? Is it female entrepreneurs? Business coaches? Whoever that select group of people is, SELL to THEM.

2. Create a Cohesive Feed

  • Start with your color palette, and begin building visuals that match
  • Use a preview app on your phone or computer to see what posts look good next to each other
  • Come up with content ideas that relate to your services
  • Find other people who inspire you, and implement what you love from their feed
  • Ask your followers what they want to see in terms of content


3. Measure & Analyze Key Metrics

Next, it’s key to look at different social media insights. This way you can optimize the engagement times to grow your social media posts. Some key metrics to look at are audience engagement times, the number of times links are clicked on, and more. Promote your business by optimizing those who will want to learn more from what you do. Growing a business is not easy.

4. Know Your Services & Products

  • Figuring this out asap is the way to go because you want to be able to answer questions about your services when someone asks
  • Write down a list of all of the services you’re passionate about that can help your ideal client
  • Choose which ones are your top favorites (2-5)
  • Then think about how much time it takes you to do those things
  • What is a price you’d value for your time in each service?


5. Engage in the DM’s & Comments

Honestly, this is how I grew my business so far. Being yourself, and building genuine relationships with others is so important. People will like you for you if you’re authentic. When it comes to networking, always start out in the direct messages (DM’s) by introducing who you are. Don’t sell. Some people make this mistake, and it’s a complete turn off for me as it may be for others.

When I get a DM or I DM someone, I want it to be about them. Finding out how someone’s day is so simple, and a great way to get to know them. Everyone has their own lives, and the last thing I want to see in my DM’s is someone trying to sell me something right off the bat. It’s like when you walk into a store, and a sales associate instantly asks you if you need help. This annoys the heck of out me haha. Focus on starting relationships because you want to know the other person. If anything, make it about them, not you.


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