Most Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcuts for Canva Design

March 30, 2021

Did you know…

… that by memorizing just a few Canva keyboard shortcuts, you can seriously save yourself so many hours while designing any type of graphic of your choice.

Listed below, I’ve rounded up my all-time favorite Keyboard shortcuts & Canva hacks that will save you so much design time. 

These are the ones I use most often to save time designing my social media posts, business cards, and more:

  1. Add a line to your document: Click the “L” key

  2. Add a rectangle to your document: Click the “R” key

  3. Transform text to Uppercase: Shift + cmd/ctrl + “K” key

  4. Bold text: cmd/ctrl + “B” key

  5. Duplicate elements: cmd/ctrl + “D” key

  6. Group Elements: cmd/ctrl + “G” key

  7. Ungroup Elements: shift + cmd/ctrl + “G” key

  8. Select all items on layer: cmd/ctrl + “A” key

  9. Zoom in: cmd/ctrl + “+” key

  10. Zoom out: cmd/ctrl + “-” key

  11. Send element forward: cmd/ctrl + “]”

  12. Send element backward: cmd/ctrl + “[“

Each of these keyboard shortcuts are super easy to use and will save you so much time. Time is money! Try them out today on Canva. 

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