3 Valuable Ways to Create Engaging Social Media Captions

March 30, 2021

Having trouble getting your customers to interact with your content on social media? Here are a few helpful tips that focus on how captions can affect your engagement levels and how you can make these easy changes! 

1. Be Short and Sweet 

When writing your captions for social media, it’s important to keep the user at the forefront of your mind. Most likely, users aren’t going to want to stop scrolling through their social media feeds to read a huge chunk of text- it can seem daunting. It might even deter them away from interacting with your content, and that’s not what we want.

Instead, keep your captions to a couple lines whenever possible. However, for the instances when you can’t skate by on a short caption, (i.e telling a story, providing tips) make sure you’re breaking up your caption into mini, easy-to-read segments. This allows users to scan for information relevant to them, and increases the chance they will stay and engage with your content.

2. Embrace the Power of Emojis

Adding an emoji or two to your social media captions, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, is an effective, simple way to draw in users. Our eyes are naturally drawn to visual content, and emojis add a visual element, even within your written text. This is especially relevant if your brand’s tone of voice is more youthful and conversational. It makes your brand come off as approachable and will increase the likelihood of engagement. 

3. Use Open-Ended Captions

The best way to get people to comment on your posts? Give them something to talk about! The less energy it takes users to interact with your content, the better. For example, say you own a local coffee shop. These are some potential snippets you might throw into your captions:

  • Drop your winter must-have drink in the comments
  • Tag a friend you want to share this coffee with 
  • What’s your go-to Monday morning drink?

Captions similar to these will help generate conversation between users and your business, simultaneously growing engagement and building brand loyalty

Those are three straightforward and easy-to-implement ways you can work on improving your social media engagement just by how you write your captions. 

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