The Latest Web Design Essentials You Need in 2021

March 29, 2021

I have designed a variety of websites for various entrepreneurs and small businesses. There are a few things you MUST incorporate to have a beautifully designed and minimalistic website. Trends are always changing, but below are some of the absolute best practices to implement for your web design. Checkout my business website at if you’re interested in viewing the full website or want to work with me!

1. A Defined Color Palette

A beautiful color palette is so important to have because you want your website to match. Below if the color palette that I use for my website. Make sure to have around 5-6 colors that represent your brand. You’ll want to ensure that the colors are visually appealing and go well together. You can use this basis as a way to find the perfect photos or create the best graphics.

2. Cohesive Graphics & Photos

Having photos that represent you or your brand allows visitors to feel invited, and welcomed. Just like colors that match, you want photos to match too. If you find a photo or take one that doesn’t appear to fit your aesthetic it’s okay. What you can do easily is find a few photo filters on apps or Adobe Lightroom to change the photo to match your visuals on your site. Try it, you might like it!

3. A Unique Logo

This element will allow your brand to stand out from others. It’s key to have a well designed logo that represents the brand. From a personal brand to a business one you can tailor your logo to match your brand’s purpose. Below is my personal brand’s logo and it has my name as well as the year it started. Just as simple as that is perfect. Make your logo as your own. Looking for logo design tips? Stay tuned for more blogs, and feel free to comment below!

4. Chatbot

It’s actually so easy to add a chatbot to your website whether you add a plug-in or have access to the element in a web design platform like Wix. This way you can allow visitors to ask questions whenever they appear on your site and engage with them. Check out Drift – a FREE website plug-in software where you can easily integrate a chatbot into your website with custom messaging.

5. Pop Up Banner

If you’re looking to promote a new service, product, or update this is a great call-to-action for new or returning visitors to your site. You can make the banner pop-up as soon as a visitor clicks on your website. If you have an important announcement to promote or want to build your email list I highly suggest this opt-in.

6. Social Media Icons

These icons are super easy to add to your site. All you need are links to each of your social media platforms. Social icons will allow visitors to find you on more platforms and increase brand awareness to your content.

7. Website Banner

Similar to the pop-up banner, if you’re looking to promote a new service, product, or update this is a great call-to-action for new or returning visitors to your site. This banner will be at the very top of your website almost as a headline for each page.

8. Footnote Menu

Similar to a main heading menu, a footnote menu is a way for visitors to navigate your site easily. Whether you’re looking to search at the top of your site or the bottom, it is great to allow visitors to click on links at the bottom of pages. This feature is awesome, especially for mobile users of your site in case they do not want to scroll all the way to the top of the site for a new menu link.

9. White Space

If you are designing your website, you need white space! White space is statistically proven to be more visually appealing to visitors rather than a cluttered website page. No one wants to see a ton of things on a page all jumbled together. Space elements out, and include white space wherever you can. The more white space, the cleaner and minimalistic it will look.

10. Optimized for Multiple Devices

As mentioned previously, it’s sooo important to make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly along with the typical desktop optimization. With an increasing number of people using their mobile devices to go online and search you will want to make sure your site not only looks good on phones, but also works perfectly. Each link needs to link properly to the URL you want it to go to. The sooner you begin optimizing your site for multiple devices, the better.


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