Simplistic Logo Design Tips You Need to Know

March 29, 2021

Logo design can be confusing, complex, and sometimes just annoying. There are so many routes you can go when creating a logo for your brand. However, you must remember that your logo represents what you offer, and no one else’s should look the same. When creating a logo here are my go-to tips:⁠ ⁠

Embrace Uniqueness

Being different is the best mentality you can have when creating the perfect logo design. It’s important to have a logo that does not look like anyone else’s, and you can call your own.

Don’t get wrapped up in trends

Trends come and go, which is why if you want your logo to stand the test of time, you should avoid them at all costs. Your logo should be timeless.⁠ ⁠

Keep the end goal in mind

It should create a clear sense of connection with your ideal clients. You’ll want your logo to convey either your services or style for what the brand represents. Think about what product or service you offer.

Substance > Style

Having the right style for your logo is important. But having the substance to back it up? Even more so. You want your logo to have more to it than just “looking good”—and is an accurate representation of your brand.⁠ ⁠

Be Authentic

Branding your business isn’t always easy because there’s so many directions you can take. However, it’s important to make sure it feels authentic, and represents what you want to portray. ✨⁠

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