Simple Tips for Creating a Mood Board

March 29, 2021

A mood board is a great way to lay out your inspiration and aesthetics before tackling a project. Let me show you some of my favorite ways to create a mood board and where I get my inspo! Also, check out my other blog post with free mood board resources!

#1: Know Your Purpose

What is this mood board for? Is it to plan a business project? Some personal inspiration? Whatever the reason is, identifying the purpose of the mood board is the first step. That determines the entire direction of the board; specifically if it’s for a client or for personal reasons.

#2: Use Colors

The next thing I do when creating a mood board is pick out the color scheme I am going for. I play around with different colors together and see which ones match the theme I am looking for. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pick any specifics yet, just have a general idea of what you want and what you think would look best in the mental space you are designing. 

#3: Find Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to go for inspiration because it’s so easy! Just type in any idea you have: colors, objects, graphics, even a single word works. From there, you can find things that either spark your interest or don’t inspire you at all. Working through Pinterest and making a Pinterest board is a really easy way to put a bunch of images together to see what you do and don’t like for any project.

#4: Incorporate Quotes

Quotes are great pieces to have on a mood board because they can represent your goals and purpose with just a few words. Think of a quote you love, or even search “quotes about ____” and see if you can find a few that match the brand and project vibe. If you can’t find a graphic that you like of a quote, open a Google document or go on Canva and you can personalize your quotes with different colors and fonts.

#5: Add Images

While Pinterest is a great place for photos and graphics to put on your mood board, personal images are one of my favorite things to include on a mood board. It adds a personal touch that says, “I care about this and I made it my own.” It could be something you designed, something you typed up, or even a picture that you took that you believe matches the board and adds to the inspiration. That final personal touch is my favorite part of making a mood board and is the ultimate way to find and organize your project inspirations!

Lastly, move things around on your mood board frequently! Seeing things with a fresh eye and having new elements next to each other can help draw new inspiration and big ideas. Also, change around sizes, fonts, etc. so that you can ensure that no matter how somebody looks at your mood board or final project, it’s all one perfect cohesive piece.

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