How to Create and Maintain a Flawless Hashtag Strategy

March 29, 2021

Hashtags are the secret weapon to a successful social media presence so I’m here to show you the ins and outs! From finding the perfect number to deciding which ones are good and bad, keep reading to find a quick and easy way to boost your social media content!

1. Research

Research is a critical step in finding which hashtags work for your brand. Go to similar accounts or profiles and see how they are captioning their posts so that you can find inspiration for your own content. If you don’t feel comfortable comparing yourself to other pages, just analyze your own visual content. The best hashtags can come out of simply describing your own posts! 

You can also go onto Instagram and search up hashtags to see which ones are popular and which ones are unique. For your own hashtags, you want a good balance of larger and more popular hashtags combined with smaller and more detailed ones. For example, the hashtag #smallbusiness has 49.5 million posts. But #smallwomanownedbusiness only has over 1000 posts. By using a balance of both, you can reach huge audiences but also take over smaller hashtags with your content.

2. Use Outside Sources

If you don’t want to do research on your own, there are websites such as that can help you find the best hashtags for your content based on keywords. However, if you have the time, I’d strongly recommend you sign up for a free trial and spend a few hours going through future content. You can easily find appropriate and effective tags, at no cost! You can also use a free Google Chrome extension, “Keywords Everywhere” to help you find related words and phrases that are optimized and popular at different posting times. 

Using resources from the internet is an easy way to save time and effort, so that you can push your focus to other business priorities!

3. Simplify Your Process

You don’t always have to have detailed captions and a bunch of hashtags at the bottom. You can choose if you want a longer caption, maybe have less hashtags at the bottom or even incorporate some into the caption itself. Keywords make perfect #hashtags! And if you want a short and simple caption, you can fill space with a group of hashtags. Usually a combination of long captions and blocks of tags isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but you can also separate your hashtags into two groups and put one in the comments!

4. Follow Hashtags

Instagram gives you the ability to follow hashtags, so whenever someone posts and uses that hashtag, it pops up in your feed. This is why using popular hashtags is effective, people commonly follow popular hashtags and it increases your chances of coming up on someone’s feed. You can also follow hashtags on your account and see what other people are posting and doing with their content. Being exposed to various social media marketing strategies allows you to pick and choose and come up with a great hashtag strategy that is tailored to you and your brand!

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