How To Build The Perfect Branding Design Kit in 2021

March 29, 2021

Let’s design the perfect brand kit for you! I’m excited to share the best elements needed for a brand kit to support your brand. Get ready to learn the must have elements.

A Defined Color Palette

A beautiful color palette is so important to have because you want your website to match. Below if the color palette that I use for my website. Make sure to have around 5-6 colors that represent your brand. You’ll want to ensure that the colors are visually appealing and go well together. You can use this basis as a way to find the perfect photos or create the best graphics.

A Unique Logo

This element will allow your brand to stand out from others. It’s key to have a well designed logo that represents the brand. From a personal brand to a business one you can tailor your logo to match your brand’s purpose. Below is my personal brand’s logo and it has my name as well as the year it started. Just as simple as that is perfect. Make your logo as your own. Looking for logo design tips? Stay tuned for more blogs, and feel free to comment below!

Mood Board

Creating a mood board is so much fun, and a great way to layout some inspiration for your brand. They are relatively easy to make and you can use photos from your camera roll or Pinterest. Mood boards allow you to take a bunch of ideas and see how they fit together visually. You can use photos, words, elements, and color blocks, and much more to make a fun board.

Typography/Font Suite

For your brand, it’s extremely helpful to decide on at least 3 fonts that you want to use for your brand. The font types can go on your logo, website copy, branding materials, and much more. Once you have a font suite set up, it’s so much easier to create content aligned with your brand.

Branded Social Icon Set

For your website, adding social icons is a must! They will boost traffic to your other marketing efforts and you can showcase more of your brand there. Every icon set is different, but the icon brands pretty much stay the same. A branded social icon set is one that includes your brand colors. You can easily change the colors of the icons and make sure they align with your brand colors.

Branding Kit Overview

Here is an example of a branding kit designed by JYA Media. It includes a logo, branded social icons, color palette, font suite, and a branded favicon icon.

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