5 Free Apps That Will Boost Your Small Business

March 29, 2021

Your phone doesn’t have to be a distraction, it’s actually an underrated business tool. I’m so excited to share 5 free phone apps that will help your small business with organization, communication, time management and more!

1. Slack

First up is Slack, a messaging app that lets you communicate with your team from anywhere. You can make multiple chats (Slack calls them ‘channels’) with different team members and even install it on your desktop for flawless communication. You can also set your status to “In a meeting,” “Commuting,” or “Vacationing,” all of which pause notifications for a certain amount of time. This basic app is free to use and is sure to help your internal business communications!

2. Asana

Asana is a go-to organization app for businesses of all sizes. You can join a team and see which tasks you have to do as well as team tasks that are in progress. It has a simple layout and is easy to navigate which makes it an essential time management app for your small business. Also, similar to Slack, it is available for both mobile and desktop, ensuring that you and your team members are always on the same page. 

3. Scanner App

Whether it’s a legal document, a contract, a receipt, or even just a photo you want to share with clients, the Scanner App makes it so simple to scan a paper and share it digitally. You no longer need a physical scanner when you can do it on your phone for free! This helps with both physical and mental clutter and allows you to communicate with clients with ease.

4. Evernote

Evernote is an amazing note-taking app that will change your business for the better. The free version allows you to make to-do lists, take notes, and share your notes with others. You can also attach PDFs, office docs, voice memos, and other files to your notes. This app is perfect for keeping you organized and keeping all of your materials in one place, which makes it easier and quicker to find your materials and run your business!

5. Mint

Mint is a free budget management app that helps you keep all of your money accounted for and organized. Budgeting is often overlooked aspect of running a business and Mint makes it so easy! You can track your expenses, budgets and finances all in one place. You can connect several bank accounts and PayPal accounts all to your Mint app and it takes your information, provides you an overview of your finances and then offers an adjustable proposed budget!

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  1. Ravi Singh says:

    These chat software idea is one of the best thing and it can use to increase more conversions. For example if i have a travel blog or website and my goal is to get more leads then chat option will instantly connect me with the visited user. This is one of the best thing that we can do. Thanks and subscribed your blog.


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